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The importance of cleaning and disinfecting chopsticks

  The importance of chopsticks cleaning and disinfecting,Chinese-style eating,all using chopsticks,only Western food will use knife and fork,etc.,then the hygiene of chopsticks is also the focus,according to the authority of the agency,the dishwashing rag has been heavily sampled The detection found that the pathogenic bacteria on the upper side were more dirty than the toilet.Moreover,the detergent used in the traditional hand washing was easily left on the surface of the tableware due to its physicochemical properties,thereby causing harm to the human body.


  In the cleaning of tableware,the cleaning and disinfection of chopsticks is more important.There may be tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of bacteria and viruses on a pair of chopsticks.There are data showing that nearly 50%of the human body has Helicobacter pylori which causes stomach problems,and these bacteria Most of them are family communication,and chopsticks is one of the important channels of communication.

  Many people will ask,chopsticks are clearly clean,why are there bacteria?The disinfection tableware manufacturers pointed out that chopsticks"live"in a humid environment,even if only a small amount of water stains,will provide bacteria A breeding ground.At the same time,after a pair of chopsticks have been used for a long time,the surface is no longer smooth due to frequent washing,and many bacteria and detergents remain in the small grooves on the chopsticks,which brings hidden dangers to family health.

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