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Some things to be aware of when using a Bluetooth headset!

  Nowadays,there are more and more people using Bluetooth headsets on the street or in the gym,especially the taxi driver group,which is almost one person.Although the Bluetooth headset is light and easy to carry,it is convenient to use,but you should pay attention to the following situations during use.

  First,try not to use it for a long time.Because the Bluetooth earphones are mostly in-ear type,the earplugs are stuffed in the ear canal,the eardrum is very close to the earphone horn diaphragm,and the earphone sound is relatively large to the auditory nerve stimulation of the eardrum.If it is used for listening to songs and talking on the phone for a long time,it may cause dizziness and headache.And so on.


  Second,try not to use products from non-brand manufacturers.Many people in the process of using Bluetooth headsets,inevitably put the earplugs into and out repeatedly,so it is inevitable to scratch the ear canal,causing ear inflammation,especially those Bluetooth headsets,some manufacturers in order to save costs,use inferior materials Earplugs are easy to cause ear infections.

  Third,try not to use Bluetooth headsets in busy traffic sections.Compared with traditional wired earphones,Bluetooth headsets have better isolation of external environmental noise.In particular,some brands of headphones use deep noise reduction technology to achieve high noise reduction levels,so on the roads with heavy traffic,especially It is not suitable for use when crossing a horizontal road.Because the excellent noise reduction effect of the earphone makes it difficult for you to hear the sound of the vehicle and the warning sound of the motor vehicle,the probability of a traffic accident is greatly improved.

  Therefore,in order to effectively avoid the adverse effects of the Bluetooth headset on the body,in addition to daily wear as long as possible,the use of the headset,the volume selection during use,etc.,are all to be noted.

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