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Reason analysis and solution for echo in wireless Bluetooth headset call

  More and more people use Bluetooth headsets.At the same time,some headset problems will inevitably be complained by consumers.Among them,there are echo problems of headphones,but there are many reasons for the echoes in the headphones.The main ones are as follows.Aspects of the factors:

  First,the phone problem

  When the mobile phone is used for a long time,some internal communication components may be aging or malfunctioning,resulting in an echo during the call.However,this problem can occur if the quality of the new phone is not good.

  Solution:It is recommended to send the mobile phone to the mobile phone repair point or the mobile phone shop for maintenance.

  Second,the phone settings problem

  The phone has a call recording,and in this case it is also possible to generate an echo.

  Solution:Turn off the call recording,there will be no echo.Steps:Settings-Call Settings-Extended Settings-Whether the incoming call is recorded-Cancel.


  Third,the signal problem

  During the call,there may be a signal interference problem,which affects the quality of the call,which causes the echo problem during the call.In addition,there may be sound reflections between buildings,and weather and other factors that interfere with mobile phones or base stations,etc.,will produce echo.

  Solution:If this happens,please hang up or choose to call in a place where the building is not dense.

  Fourth,the Bluetooth headset problem

  The most important thing is actually the problem of the Bluetooth headset itself,especially the unreasonable design of the headphone cavity structure.If you have learned physics,you know that if the sound is in the process of communication,if you encounter obstacles,it will inevitably produce echo.If the structure design is unreasonable,it will cause the echo to be too large,and people can obviously feel it.If the Bluetooth headset The microphone is closer to the earpiece and it is easier to produce an echo.If you disconnect the Bluetooth headset,you can eliminate the echo,and the Bluetooth headset has an echo,so this is the problem of the headset itself.

  Solution:First turn the volume of the Bluetooth headset to a small value.If there is still an echo,it is recommended to change a Bluetooth headset with better quality.

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