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Chopsticks era - how should chopsticks be put after washing?

  Everyone has a experience in washing dishes at home.That is,the chopsticks need to be put up after washing.We always don’t know how to put the chopsticks.How do you put them?Xiaobian to share with you the best way to put chopsticks.

  First,put your head up

  Some people don't care how to put it,every time it is random.In fact,it is extremely unsanitary to wash the chopsticks head down.The bottom of the chopsticks is left with residual water,and the damp environment makes it easier for the chopsticks to breed bacteria.

  According to the data,the head of the chopsticks is placed at the bottom of the chopsticks,and the test results are high regardless of the total number of colonies or the number of coliforms.Therefore,the head of the chopsticks must face up.

  Second,chopsticks disinfection is necessary

  For chopsticks that have not been used for a long time,we will put the chopsticks into the boiling water,which will effectively kill the bacteria on the chopsticks.

  We don't need to use chopsticks.We need to dry them.The dry environment is not easy to breed bacteria.It is better to disinfect the chopsticks in order to prevent the stubborn bacteria from affecting health.

  Third,such chopsticks should be thrown away

  Some people pay more attention to hygiene,they will be at home with their own chopsticks.However,after the chopsticks are used for a long time,the surface of the chopsticks is inevitably worn or cracked.The chopsticks have grooves that cannot be completely cleaned,and the chopsticks are deformed and bent,and mildew spots or odors appear.

  In the case of chopsticks,we still have to reluctantly say goodbye to them,so as not to become a hotbed of bacteria.Change your chopsticks regularly to give you a fresh meal experience.


  Common chopsticks are made of wooden chopsticks and bamboo chopsticks.If you pay attention to it,you will choose silver chopsticks.

  But some people have encountered such troubles-The silver chopsticks that were bought used it for a while, but there were different degrees of light black. Can such chopsticks continue to be used?


  1.Avoid using discolored chopsticks

  Qian Zhanhong,deputy director of the Nutrition Department of Zhejiang People's Hospital,said that the use of chopsticks for a period of time is due to the material of the chopsticks itself."The chopsticks itself have too many impurities,and the vegetables have acid and alkali,which is easy to react with chopsticks.The color of the chopsticks changes over time."

  At the same time,she also pointed out that short-term use has little effect on the body."It is difficult to judge in the long run.The impact on the body has never been a single factor.Just as people hear leftovers and leftovers can cause cancer,they just avoid it.I don't know if this is just A premise of carcinogens."

  Deputy Director Qian Zhanhong said:"Although the impact on the human body is unknown,it is recommended to replace the chopsticks that have changed color.From a psychological point of view,facing a pair of black chopsticks every day will certainly be uncomfortable,thus causing various concerns;From a food safety point of view,if the color changes after use,it should not be used."

  2,it is recommended to choose metal material

  Deputy Director of Qian believes that the wooden chopsticks are loose in structure,and the surface is no longer smooth after use.There will be many small grooves,which are very easy to leave bacteria.Although it is cleaned,there are still some nutrient substrates,which will promote the growth of bacteria;The storage environment is likely to cause the wood chopsticks to germ and mold.

  She also said:"It is recommended to choose chopsticks made of metal by brand.Compared with other materials,the surface of metal chopsticks is smooth,it is very convenient to clean,and it is very easy to disinfect and can reduce the spread of bacteria.For example,stainless steel,no bacteria culture on steel.Base,it will not breed bacteria."

  Change chopsticks 3,3 to 6 months

  Qian Zhanhong said that many families do not have the habit of changing chopsticks regularly.In fact,chopsticks also have a shelf life,usually 3 to 6 months.

  “When using chopsticks,it is best to observe it every day.Whether the surface of the chopsticks is attached with spots,especially mildew spots.When the chopsticks appear spots,discoloration,bending deformation,or obvious odor,you must be careful,which means that the chopsticks have been mildewed.If it is contaminated,it should be stopped and replaced in time."

  Expert advice

  In order to extend the service life of chopsticks,experts recommend that you do not put chopsticks in a damp environment,wash them with a clean rag.

  "It is best to use chopsticks for special personnel.It is recommended to put chopsticks in boiling water for half an hour every week,and then put them in the air to dry and use them again,which can achieve the disinfection effect,and can effectively and conveniently remove the molds in the chopsticks.The newly bought chopsticks can be cleaned with tap water first,then washed with detergent,and finally put into the pot and boiled for half an hour."Qian Zhanhong said.


  In your home,there may be a pair of chopsticks that can spread the disease!

  Eating together with family and friends and helping each other can help to improve their feelings,but this way of eating also gives many opportunities for the spread of the disease.The doctor reminded that the following diseases transmitted through the digestive tract may be spread in a meal due to the mixing of chopsticks and other tableware.

  Liver disease:hepatitis A,hepatitis E

  It is estimated that some people will ask:Why is there no hepatitis B?In fact,different hepatitis transmission routes are different.For example,hepatitis B is mainly transmitted through blood.The hepatitis B virus in saliva is generally rare and not contagious.Therefore,it is not too nervous to eat at the same table with patients with hepatitis B.

  Hepatitis A and hepatitis E are mainly transmitted by the faeces,and the virus is easily spread in the air.If the cups and tableware are shared with patients of these two types of liver diseases for a long time,the virus may spread through saliva or the like.

  Pediatric common infectious diseases:hand,foot and mouth disease

  Hand,foot and mouth disease is an infectious disease caused by enterovirus.It is characterized by fever,mouth ulcers and herpes.The route of transmission is mostly the nasal,pharyngeal secretions or feces of infected people.Children under the age of 6 are in a state of"physiological immune function depression",and are more susceptible to cross-infection by viruses such as shared tableware.

  If there are children with hand,foot and mouth disease at home,parents should pay attention to diet and personal hygiene.Wash hands before and after meals,and open windows to ventilate.In kindergarten,try to use special bowls for chopsticks to prevent children from being infected.

  Stomach disease:Helicobacter pylori infection,may even cause stomach cancer

  Helicobacter pylori is the chief culprit of a variety of stomach diseases,and the World Health Organization's International Agency for Research on Cancer has listed it as the first class of carcinogenic factors that induce gastric cancer.

  Helicobacter pylori infection has the characteristic of family aggregation,that is,if one person is infected at home,the chances of infection are relatively high.This is because Helicobacter pylori is present in the plaque and saliva of infected people,and chopsticks are likely to become the carrier of the germs without a meal.

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